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February 2014

February 2014 Meeting Minutes

The General Federation 
of Women's Clubs, one 
of the world's largest 
and oldest nonpartisan, nondenominational, 
women's volunteer
 service organizations, 
was founded in 1890 and chartered by the 56th 
United States Congress
 in 1901.

Mass Juniors

2014 Dues
Dues will be collected for 2014 starting at the November meeting.


I pledge my loyalty
To the Junior Clubwomen
By doing better than ever before
What work I have to do,
By being prompt, honest, courteous
By living each day, 
Trying to accomplish something,
Not merely to exist.

March 2014 
Ready for a friendly, HEALTHY competition between clubs? let's see which club can take the most STEPS towards lowering their risk of heart disease!

Ongoing Project!
The Heart Truth:
Heart Truth is a brand new partnership for GFWC. This is a national campaign sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). The campaign’s goal is to give women a personal and urgent wakeup call about their risk of heart disease.

Objective: Track how many steps you take and email them to Tammey weekly. Can be done outside with smartphone app, pedometer or on treadmill. Email what exercise you have done (Zumba, step, etc.. I will convert the steps for you)

How to track: 
Step 1 Use the spreadsheet which can be printed from link below for your reference for the week.
Record your steps click on link to print form. 

Step 2 email totals to Tammey weekly. 

Why: Your heart is a muscle. Exercise, such as walking, strengthens that muscle and makes it pump more efficiently, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to other organs. By walking briskly, and for 30-60 minutes at least five days a week, you can cut your risk of heart disease by 40 %.

Go Red for Women





Emergency Ready Kit!
Ready America
Preparing makes sense
  get ready now! 

Club Brochure

Reimbursement  Form

“Don’t forget to submit a reimbursement form and your receipts”  If you have purchased anything for club use and haven’t turned in your receipts, please get them to our 
Treasurer, Maryann Swift.

 Annual dues are $40.00 and checks should be payable to WJWC. 



I thank Thee again, as a Volunteer
For the Chance to serve again this year;
To give of myself in some small way,
To those not blessed as I each day.

    from “A Volunteer’s Prayer”
Author Unknown


March 18, 2014
Time: 6:30pm
Important Dates

March 4
Board Meeting
March 18
General Meeting
April 12
Bunny Breakfast

a friend
Old Cell Phones
Soda can tabs
Magazine Collection for
    Cancer Center
Dress for Success
Box Tops for Education
Please take the time to introduce yourself to our new members!



                                              Many hands make light work!
G.F.W.C. Wilbraham Junior Women's Club
Post Office Box 14 Wilbraham, Ma. 01095